Thursday, August 15, 2019

Felines Sunbathing

by Karen Rose Smith

When I was in college (many years ago!) as soon as the weather turned warmer in the spring, my friends and I would be outside on blankets on sunny days soaking in the sun's rays and building our tans.  Now, I try to have some reasonable exposure to the sun to naturally build up Vitamin D in my body.  But regardless of why we gravitate toward the outdoors, the lazy hazy days of summer provide healthy doses of sunshine...if we are responsible enough to avoid excessive amounts.

The furry members of the family also seek out sunshine, not only during the summer but all year round.  They seem to enjoy its warmth and understand its health values.  Sometimes they gravitate toward one of their condos where the sun shines through the nearby window and provides light and warmth.  Other times, a slash of sunshine escapes through a lowered blind or through the high windows on the front door.  They seem to find those sunny spots.

I have gathered some pictures of my furry family enjoying the sunshine.

Zander is naturally photogenic, but the naps in the sunshine provide natural lighting for photo shoots. 

Freya, Zander's sister enjoys a sunny condo but she also spends a lot of time each day on a chair in the dining room listening to and watching birds dance through the bushes outside.

Halo will sleep anywhere but she especially enjoys snuggling against me or my husband in the bed or on the sofa.  Her aging bones also seem to benefit from the warmth of the sunshine on the window condos.

As Paddington, Halo's "kitten," has gotten older she is spending more time sleeping each day.  Her favorite spot is on the bedroom condo, but a sunny floor also attracts her and provides good vantage points to observe the younger kittens.

We had the pleasure of cat sitting our friend's newest feline this summer.  When we arrived, Randal would usually be in the sunroom with his older sister.  My husband spent time in the sunroom with him and he enjoys the brightness of the room in a house otherwise shaded by trees.  

And Bonnie and Clyde, our outdoor duo, spend much of their summer mornings and evenings soaking in the rays of the sun. But on hot afternoons they can be found under the silver maples, enjoying the cooler shade.

Sunshine often gets a bad rap because of its health dangers. But, like my cats, I limit my exposure to a reasonable amount and the benefits outweigh the dangers.  Sunshine brings warmth to my life and raises my spirits.

Do you feel happier on sunny days?


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ptclayton said...

I sure do as the rain makes me feel so down! Love all your cat pics as we have 2 cats and love them . peggy clayton