Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Family from Yesteryear

by Maggie Sefton

Browsing through some of my picture files, I spotted these photos of family from yesteryear, the early 20th Century.  Born in 1890, my grandmother, Gertrude, is on the left and she's holding her first child, my aunt Anna.  The other woman is my Grandmother's sister, Elizabeth, holding her first child, uncle Harold.

This was the day when families had to build their own houses, even two story houses.  It was a good thing that my grandfather, Benjamin, was a skilled carpenter.

My mother's family came to Virginia way back in 1628.  So we're Old Time residents.  And I love our country's history, probably another reason I love writing historical novels.   Of course, we had no photographs from all those years ago, but this family photo is from  the early 20th Century, so that makes it over one hundred years old because we're now into the 21st Century.   I wonder if any of our present day relatives or friends will share photos of us one hundred years from now?  That's quite a thought, isn't it?


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