Friday, July 12, 2019

What does cozy mean to you?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

The Cozy Chicks write cozy mysteries (along with other genres like young adult, hard-boiled suspense, political intrigue, and romance). The five of us have written scores of cozies set in cozy places with more than a touch of intrigue.

At the heart of these novels is usually a cozy setting, say a small town or village, with interesting people, and heroines who are just a little more spunky than ourselves.

But what makes the lives of these characters so cozy?

To me, cozy means a hot cup of tea, a good read, a lap robe, and a kitty nestled on my knee on a cold winter's day.

It means comfort food like soul-soothing casseroles with light-as-a-feather rolls and soft butter on a bitterly chilling day.

It means fairy lights to brighten a dark winter's night.

Hmm ... there seems to be a theme here. That cozy is only attainable when the temperatures dip and the sky is studded with a plethora of stars. But that's not entirely true.

Cozy is a vase filled with fresh flowers picked from the garden.

Cozy is a sweating glass of iced (sweet or not) tea on a hot July day.

Cozy is using your Mom's (or Grandma's) dishes for special occasions--or even more rare, every day of the week.

Cozy is the loving care you give to family members when you wash and fold their clothes, or cook a meal--even if it's only hot dogs or mac-and-cheese.

Cozy is what you do to make your home and life a wonderful place to be even when you are in dire circumstances. At those times, I think we need to most surround ourselves in the joy of a cozy life with the people and the things we love best.

What is it that makes YOU feel cozy?


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Diane said...

To me, Cozy books mean, No explicit sex, or the F word among others.

catladymac said... vampires, either.

Laura Pond said...

Here is what cozies are not: no explicit sex or referrals to sex, no violence or violent descriptions, no fantasy, no supernatural/ occult stories.

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