Monday, July 29, 2019


By Mary Kennedy

 A friend in real estate tells me that location is everything. Location can sell a house (just like kitchen and bathrooms do.) In the novel biz, location is equally important. Some books just demand a particular setting or they won't make sense. For example, I once wrote a piece for USA today on political novels--books that absolutely had to be written in Washington, DC. (just like House of Cards would never work if it were filmed in Des Moines!)

I chose Savannah for the Dream Club Mysteries because the city has a certain woo-woo quality. 

When the members of the Dream Club meet for their weekly dream analysis (with lots of southern desserts) they often reference landmarks and districts in the beautiful city. And of course, I leave it up to the reader whether or not it's just a coincidence that the ladies find clues in their dreams that help the Savannah PD solve murders.

The Hollywood Nights (a young adult series) is set in Hollywood and South Beach, Florida since all three books revolve around young people and the exciting world of film. The books just couldn't happen anywhere else.


And for some reason, the fictional town of Cypress Grove in sunny south Florida just seemed like the perfect choice for the Talk Radio Mysteries. Notice the Florida colors on the book covers?

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my favorite locations! Happy reading.

Mary Kennedy

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