Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kitty Birthday Time

by Karen Rose Smith

I always like to share my furry babies' stories on the anniversary of their birth.  With so many of my rescues, their age and birthdays are a guesstimate.  But Paddy is a completely different story.  I know her exact date of birth because my husband and I witnessed it.

Paddy will be five years old on July 29.  Her mother appeared on our patio that spring, thin, pregnant and with a case of colitis.  It was clear she had chosen us and it didn't take long to determine that we were going to rescue her.  Slowly we integrated her into our home that was already teaming with three rescues.  A diet of chicken, rice and pumpkin considerably helped Halo's colitis and soon she was nestling in our arms and savoring the attention. 

Halo had her kittens under the desk in my office and my husband and I will never forget the experience.  She gave birth to three kittens as we watched.  The first born, who we thought looked like a little bear (hence her name Miss Paddington), had trouble latching on to her mother to suckle.  So we assisted to make sure she was nursing as much as her two siblings.  We found forever homes for the other two kittens in the litter and kept Halo and little Paddy. 

Halo was an excellent mother and when the two kittens left for their new homes, the bond between Halo and Paddy seemed even stronger.  They slept together and bathed each other.  Even to this day, they have a special bond.  Occasionally they curl up on a chair together to nap and when there is a feline fracas in the house, Halo immediately goes on guard to make sure her Paddy is okay.  Every night they parade together into my office and spend the night together there, away from the other furry members of the family.

We had no idea when Halo appeared on our patio that she would teach us so many lessons in parenting, motherly devotion and showing appreciation for being accepted into our family.  She is the sweetest feline and is totally happy just snuggled against either my husband or me whenever we settle on a cozy chair on on the bed.  Paddy has her own personality and likes to snuggle on a condo by herself...but usually close to her mother.

When I was plotting SILENCE OF THE LAMPS, my fifth Caprice De Luca Home Staging mystery, I knew that Halo and Paddy's story would be perfect to include since Caprice rescued stray animals.  In the book, Caprice's Uncle Dom finds a pregnant cat when he is pet sitting.  Caprice helps him capture her and Caprice finds a home for Halo with her neighbor Dulcina.  Halo has her kittens in Dulcina's sun room and, like us, decides to keep Halo and Paddy.  Uncle Dom takes in Paddy's siblings.  It was so easy to write the birthing scene and other scenes involving the kittens because I had experienced it firsthand.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paddy!  And thank you Paddy and Halo for being part of our furry family and inspiration for my writing!       


Mama Cat said...

Happy birthday, Paddy! You are a very well-loved girl!

catladymac said...

Happy purrthday, beautiful Paddy - and many more !

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