Thursday, July 18, 2019

Book Signing Fun

by Karen Rose Smith

This past weekend, I had the honor to do a book signing at my local brick and mortar bookstore -- Books-A-Million in the North Hanover Mall in Pennsylvania.  It was such a pleasure seeing how busy the store was in a market where it is so easy to one-click to purchase any book online.  Pam, the store manager, said that they still have their regular customers who prefer to shop and actually touch the books they are considering.

Pam and her staff did a wonderful job of hand-selling my newest release, MURDER WITH CUCUMBER SANDWICHES, as well as the other titles in my Daisy's Tea Garden series.  Due to their efforts, I met many new readers, many of whom were regular BAM customers.  I also was excited to meet several of my Facebook friends who follow me on social media but I've never had the privilege of meeting in person.  It was so nice putting a face and a voice to their online posts. 

I had a great day meeting new friends and building on already-established social media friendships.  It was so good being surrounded by the written words of so many authors who work tirelessly to provide good reading materials on all interest and reading levels.

Daisy’s Tea Garden in Pennsylvania’s Amish country is known for its elegant  finger foods—but now owner Daisy Swanson has to finger a killer . . .

Restaurant critic Derek Schumaker, notorious for his bitter reviews, is about to visit Daisy’s Tea Garden, and Daisy and Aunt Iris are simmering with anxiety. A bad word from the culinary curmudgeon could really hurt their business, but Daisy tries to stay confident. After all, how can he resist her cucumber sandwiches with pimento spread—not to mention the cheesy cauliflower soup and strawberry walnut salad?

Schumaker takes a to-go order when the afternoon tea service is done, which Daisy hopes is a good sign. But when he perishes from a seizure, it looks like his food was dosed with something deadly. Considering a threat that recently appeared on his blog—and whispers of scandal in his past—Daisy has quite an assortment of suspects to sift through . . .

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catladymac said...

Good for your bookstore ! Our community book store closed as soon as Borders came in - that had always been their plan. Unfortunately, within a year, Borders was gone. We are still missing that village bookstore.
But my problem with bookstores vs Amazon is - I can download one book to my Kindle, but if I walk into a real bookstore, I walk out with $300 worth of books. And I'm at the stage of life where I need to downsize, not add more !