Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Summer YUM fast and easy!

Hi, summer foodies! Duffy Brown here!
One of my fave summer veggies is Corn on the Cob! Okay, I know it gets stuck in my teeth but homegrown corn is the best. Personally I live the yellow and white kernels mixed together. It give just the perfect flavor mix and so sweet and so tender and it’s pretty!
The part I hate about corn on the cob is shucking it. So I found this great tip. Nuke the corn in husk for 4 minutes, cut blunt end off corn, wrap pointy end in a towel and shake the corn. Guess what! The corn comes out silk free and done to perfection. Just add salt and pepper and you’re in!
Here’s a little video on just how to do it. And it shows how to do it for a group if you have more than one ear of corn at a time. You can boil for 10 min and do the same technique.
 If you want to blacken it on the grill for a few minutes you can do that for a bit of that delish grilled flavor. Nothing looks more summer than corn on the cob that’s been passed over the grill for a bit of charred look.
Add sliced watermelon and serve up some iced tea and bingo, instant summer.
So what is your fave summer veggie? Got a fave way to prepare it? 


SuziQ said...

I love fresh summer squash! Boiled with butter, or mashed with a sprinkle of cheese.

kaisquared said...

Fresh tomatoes raw from the garden!