Friday, June 14, 2019

Smile: It might change someone's life

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

It's been four years and a day since my mother passed away. Cancer is a very nasty disease. Her cancer was melanoma. She was very careful about being the sun. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sun that caused her cancer. That cancer runs in our family (and yeah, it scares me).

Shortly after she died, Amazon sent me an email about Amazon Smile. I decided to choose the Melanoma Research Foundation as my charity.  There are treatments we weren't told about. The same treatment former president Jimmy Carter received and has given him another 4 years of life. (Go, Jimmy!) Had we known about that treatment, you better believe I would have pursued it. But we weren't told. The oncologist told my mother she would be better off skipping all treatment because "at your age, do you want to die suffering from useless radiation treatments, or die in peace?" My mother die not die in peace.

That phrase, "Never piss off an author: she may kill you off in a future book" is true.  Yes, I killed that doctor in one of my books. She was evil and she died a horrible fictional death. So there.

Where does this lead?

If you shop on Amazon, perhaps you'll consider shopping through AmazonSmile. Choose the charity of your heart. It costs you nothing, and it might change someone's life. Nearly $10,000 has already been donated to MRF. Their research has saved lives.

Help save more lives.


Random Felines said...

there are some in the medical field that are just so bad. glad you at least got to "kill off" the one that ticked you off. I am sorry about your mom and the bad advice. I use Smile for the cat charity where I volunteer - every little bit helps.

Lynda S Turpin said...

I choose AmazonSmile for the feline charity that I volunteer with (Lapcats). It adds up, little by little.