Wednesday, May 15, 2019

You bought me what!!!

Hi, Duffy Brown here. 

There are unusual gifts that you get and wonder Really?? You know that feeling, the one where you say Thank You!! What a terrific gift, I’ll think of you when ever time I use/see/wear it.
And then you think to yourself...What the heck is this!
I just got one of these gifts for Mother’s Day. I need to say first off that I’m afraid of heights. In all fairness it’s not the fear of planes but of being up in the air next to a two-thousand foot drop-off. I get really spooked when there is nothing between me and...nothing.
So this Mother’s Day imagine my surprise when my daughter gave me a necklace with a biplane charm. Cute to be sure and should have been one big clue was what was to come because—
You guess it. My daughter, Ann, gave me a ride in a biplane for Mother’s Day. I love them to be sure. Who doesn’t love biplanes. Think Snoopy and the Red Barron. Adorable, right!
And biplanes are like a convertible in the sky. And you get to wear a neat helmet giving testimony to true helmet hair.
At first I didn’t know what to expect but when you take off and leave the ground behind it is the most amazing experience ever. I reall mean it. Nothing compares.
Okay, I know you’ve probably flown in a jet but this is entirely different. First off no flight attendant is yammering at you about safety and you actually get to think about the flying aspect of going up, up, up.
Things get smaller and your world get bigger. It is the most amazing thing ever!!! It is what flying is supposed to be. Flying jets gets you where you need to be. Flying a biplane is becoming one with the sky and the pure joy of not being earth-bound.
If you have never flown in a small plane, taken a balloon ride, ridden in a glider etc DO! It is truly an experience of a lifetime and makes you realize just what the Wright brothers had in mind when they invented the airplane in the first place.
Here’s to the unusual gifts that you thought What the heck! They truly are the best gifts ever.

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