Wednesday, May 22, 2019

They crazy things we buy.

Duffy Brown here!! A little crazy but here.
Okay, I did it. Made the impulse purchase that I just couldn’t resist. Not that this is my first Just Have To Have Itpurchase but it’s probably my craziest.
Yep, here he is. Meet Sherlock Bear. I tried to justify it in that yes, I do write mysteries, my license plates on my cars are Sherlok 1 and Sherlok 2, I love Sherlock Holmes and in my bio I state that while other teens wanted to take Brad Pitt to the prom I wanted to take Sherlock Holmes.
And then there’s the eternal question of what dead person would you like to have a conversation with. For me it’s Sherlock Holmes of course. Okay, I get that the guy is really a fictional character but to me he was/is not that. Somewhere in my brain I think of him as real. I love this character. Love that he is a bit off the mark, so darn smart and is at peace with who he is. 
My kind of guy. Definitely my kind of character.
So, you see where I’m coming from! I just had to buy Sherlock Bear. Right now he’s in my spare bedroom but I intend to take Sherlock Bear, all seven feet of his handsomeness, on the road with me.
I have a Two Dames Mystery weekend in October and Sherlock Bear will be there to greet one and all. What a photo opp, right!!!
So my question to you today is... What impulse buy did you make? Did you regret it? Love it all the more? Or was it one of those What the heck was I thinking purchases? 

excerpt from Tandem Demise...
“Do you think he’s dead or just dead drunk?” I asked Fiona as the two of us stood alone on the freight dock with thick night fog swirling around us. We were staring at a guy prone on the pier with a champagne bottle clutched in his arms.
    Shivering as much from the breeze off Lake Huron as our situation I grabbed Fiona’s hand as we shuffled a little closer. “He’s staring back at us and not in a Hey come have a drink with me kind of way.”
    “And there’s blood, a lot of it. How doses this keep happening to you?” Fiona wanted to know. “Mackinac’s a little island but guess what, you come across yet another body!”
     “Hold on a minute, stop right there. Forget the youpart about the bodies. Okay, the first one was mine I’ll give you that, but the last one was definitely a we body.


Anonymous said...

Dear Duffy,

Hi! My favorite impulse buy was a pair of pink leather and brown suede cowboy boots, and I love them!

Are you planning to put out any new books soon? (Can't wait!)


ELF said...

Wow! And I thought I liked stuffed animals (my hubby keeps trying to sneak my dragon out of the car)! That's quite a new member of the family. Fortunately, I was not at any stores today, lol. Congrats on the new book.