Thursday, May 9, 2019

Afternoon Fright!

by Karen Rose Smith

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Store, a unique local bookstore that deals only with mystery books.  The store is located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Deb Beamer, the owner, features a year-round series of programs to the delight of her faithful mystery-reader clientele.  The events feature both local and nationally recognized mystery writers.  The format varies with each event from the panel discussion I participated in, to a mystery movie, to a culinary event featuring recipes from mystery books. 
The first Afternoon Fright! panel was moderated by mystery writer Matty Dalrymple who expertly asked questions of me and my fellow panelist, Sherry Knowlton.  I represented the cozy faction of mystery writing while Sherry shared her experience as a writer of suspense mysteries.  Interestingly, even though our genres were slightly different, we shared many of the same writing and research techniques.

After the formal panel, the audience was invited to participate by commenting on the information Sherry and I had shared and by asking additional questions.  It is always so interesting and helpful to get readers perception on how a mystery should end, if it should be part of a continuing series or even if there should be more than one murder to solve.     

The panel event was followed with refreshments and a book signing of all three authors' books.  It was fun talking with avid mystery readers who have read and enjoyed our books.

Although there was one reader we apparently bored to death! 

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