Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Why we play

I just learned…make that am learning…to play Mahjongg. I really like it but not so sure it likes me. What brought me to do this is my sister-in-law. I planned a trip to Florida to visit her and she said learn to play before you come done.
Let me tell you, this is not like remember to bring your bathing suit or don’t forget sunscreen. The first time I watched a friend playing was like spaghetti...tiles going everywhere with no rhyme or reason. 
So what to do when nothing makes sense? Read the instructions. As my kids call it RTFM which stands for Read the Freaking Manual. And it helped a ton.
So I went to Florida and played with my sister-in-law and the group she plays with. I didn’t do too badly as there were other newbees in the group and that truly helped.
But then I realized that there is a definite upside beyond the game that is really fun. I was meeting new people and chatting. Writing is a lonely profession. The readers are my salvation to be sure but to actually chat and think and laugh with new friends is a benefit I hadn’t counted on.
I am a loner and realize that being alone is not being lonely but interaction is important too so I don’t regress to eating soup out of the pot and staying in my jammies all day.
So my question to you today is do you have a fave social activity? Play canasta? Book club? Gym class? 

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John Presler said...

I enjoy playing Mahjongg on my Nook Tablet - There is a free version from Astraware and a few other places.