Thursday, April 4, 2019

What Do You Do On A Beautiful Spring Day?

by Karen Rose Smith

Last weekend, the temperatures finally climbed into the seventies.  After a long winter cooped up inside with the cats and my computer, I was ready to get out and celebrate spring.  My husband's idea of soaking up the sunshine was to roll out the riding mower and start it up to see if it was ready for a long spring and summer of mowing grass--a "welcome" sign to a writer who loves quiet when she is writing!

My thoughts, however, immediately went to enjoying the warm sunshine and temperatures at an outlet mall in our vicinity.  The strip-type mall offers a main street with outlet stores lining both sides along brick and concrete walkways.

We compromised and we headed for the outlets in late morning and planned to window shop and, of course, visit my favorite stores.  We were both in a shoe-buying mood, so most of our stops were at footwear outlet stores.  We did pass a Civil War store which intrigued me because I had just written a Civil War side story in my December 2019 Daisy's Tea Garden mystery, MURDER WITH CHERRY TARTS.

After we were finished shopping, we headed for the TGIF restaurant which is located at the edge of the outlet complex.  I particularly enjoyed the decor which was centered around the 1960's.  We were taken back to our high school and college years.  The heroine in my Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mysteries is a Beatles fan and she also loves the tie-dyed and hippie -style clothing of the well as pop art.

After lunch we headed home so hubby could roll out the mower and do his spring-things with it. 

So we were both able to enjoy the beautiful arrival of spring in our own ways and also enjoy time together. 

How do you like to spend a warm spring day full of sunshine and warm temperatures?             

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