Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Listen to me

Hi, all. Duffy Brown here. Braking for Bodies was just released in audio…yippee! Get Audio Braking for Bodies here
I love listening to audio books while driving or doing such mundane things as polishing silver...that never gets done till company is coming...or pulling weeks or washing windows.
Audio books are terrific! I get so into them that time flies buy and I forget about the boring task at hand. In fact...true confession time...I’ve driven miles out of my way and completely missed exits ‘cause I’m into the story and not paying one bit of attention to where I’m going. I just get in the slow lane and putter along or get the silverware so polished it looks like new.
I remember driving through Utah with my two daughters on the way to Monument Valley and listening to The Help. Love the movie and love the audio even more. And of course there are such great memories now connected to the audio.
So my question to you today is, do you listen to audio books? Got a fave time you listen to them? Got a fave audio book? Let me know and I’ll give away a bicycle key fob from the answers.
Hugs, Duffy 


LD Masterson said...

I can't listen to audiobooks and do something else. If the book doesn't hold my interest, I'll start thinking of the task at hand and lose the story thread. But if the story pulls me in (like yours, of course), I forget to do whatever I was doing and just listen. This is not a good thing if I'm supposed to be driving. I guess I'll always be a words on paper kind of gal.

Grandma Cootie said...

I love audiobooks. They were my sanity saver when I worked and had a long, long commute. Now that I'm retired I listen when I take my daily walk. Makes the time go by and often I walk longer than planned because I don't want to stop listening. I like to listen to all kinds of stories. My favorite audiobook is The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain and narrated by Susan Bennett. I don't think I've ever heard narrating that fit so perfectly.

Duffy Brown said...

HI, LD and Grandma Cootie. Thanks tons for playing along. Email me your address and I’ll send a bicycle fob to each of you.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Hugs, Duffy