Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Doggies Getting Older

by Maggie Sefton

This photo was taken a few years ago at the Vet's office.  But Katy looks about the same today.  Of course, she does have a lot more grey hair around her face, now.   And  my hair doesn't look as tousled---I hope.  :)   

Yesterday, Monday, I took my 15 1/2 year old dog Katy to the Vet for her checkup.
The Vet's verdict was that Katy is in great shape for a doggie her age.  She's got a little Arthritis in her hips, but not enough to keep her from running and sauntering in my Colorado backyard.  She eats well and all systems are normal.  She's a little deaf so you have to wave at her to get her attention.  :)  Other than that, however, she's in good shape.

That's always a relief for me to hear.  I don't want to lose Katy anytime soon.  My sweet Hound Dog Max passed away last Fall and it was traumatic to lose that sweet boy.  But Cancer came and stole him away.  Max was ten years old.  Losing a beloved pet is always painful.  Thankfully, whenever I travel Katy goes with Tammie who raised her from a tiny puppy, so Katy is loved whenever she's there at the Doggie Ranch or here with me.  

As all of you know, I travel a lot mainly because three of my four daughters and all seven of my grandchildren are Back East in Northern Virginia, my old hometown area.  In fact, I'll be flying there this week to see Family and Friends for the Easter holidays.  It's always a treat to travel back to the Northern VA/DC/Suburban MD area in the Springtime.  The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, the tulips have pushed up through the ground, and the Azalea bushes are getting blooms.

Actually, all of the tall Maple trees in my front and back yards here in Colorado are full of buds.  Plus the Lilac bushes that line one whole side of the backyard fence with my next door neighbor are laden with buds, just ready to burst into bloom.  We have had a  milder March and April is much warmer, so those buds should be popping soon.

What's happening where you folks are located?  Are you being teased with Spring already?  Or, is Winter's Cold still blowing?    

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kayt18 said...

We have full blown Spring with hints of Summer here in Middle TN. The lilacs are in bloom, the redbuds are budded, everything is green. The grass is too tall too. We had over 80 here today and will again tomorrow. I love your precious dog. We lost one of ours to cancer not long ago at 12. Way too short. My sweet Tyler is my best buddy so I pray I get to keep him for a long, long, long time. I hope you have a great time visiting and have a wonderful Easter.