Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cold Grey Day

by Maggie Sefton

Brrrrrrrrr!  I'm back in my old hometown area of Northern Virginia, a stone's throw across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.  Yes, the Japanese Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom and pink petals cover the ground. But. . .it's turned very chilly.  (I'm writing this post on Sunday).  Too chilly for the likes of Cold Weather Foe Maggie.  I don't like cold weather, especially Back East where it's Humid and you really, really, REALLY feel the cold penetrating through your lightweight jacket.  Colorado's Low Humidity has spoiled me to an easy-to-manage Winter Cold.  Plus all the brilliant Colorado Sunshine helps too.

So----I have had to revert back to winter habits and Layer Up.  To those of you who live in warm/hot and humid locations, that means I am still wearing two layers inside daughter Christine's house then adding a jacket whenever I leave to run errands, visit friends, take walks.  I know. . . . those are puny complaints.  Some of you are probably thinking:  "Suck it up, Buttercup!"   I know.  Puny complaints deserve scorn.  I have no excuse except it's a chilly,  cold and grey day today and I felt like complaining.  :)

Meanwhile, I'm relaxing on a comfy sofa with sleeping dogs close by---part Rottweiler Grayson  and full Rottweiler Wrigley sleeping at my feet and a cup of coffee with mega cream.  My 15 year old Border Collie/Black Lab mix Katy is being lovingly cared for at the "doggie ranch."  And being kept extra warm.  Owner Tammie says that "Katy's room is warmer than my house."     Do we love our pets, or what?

Are you having a chilly Spring?          

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Kiy said...

Ha! I hadn’t read this before posting a comment on FB. We love the cool weather. It must be cooler in NoVA than in Charlottesville (where we are this weekend), although we do have the overcast and rain threatening (cross your fingers it holds off until the wedding is over!). Enjoy the cherry blossoms. One of the few things I miss about living in DC.