Monday, March 18, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                                 

I was sitting with a group of friends and the conversation turned to friendship. What do you value in a friendship? Why are friendships so important in our lives? What is a good friend?  

Here is how we finished the sentence, a friend is...

1. Someone who is there for us when we need them. (Even if we pretend we don't need them and try to tough it out ourselves.)

2. Someone who is happy to listen to us and not judge.

3. Someone who offers sage advice when we veer off track.

4. Someone who is thrilled to celebrate the happy times with us, not just commiserate on the sad ones.

5. Someone who "gets" us. Really understands us at a deep level and loves us in spite of our faults.

6. Someone who can keep our secrets and would never betray a confidence.

7. Someone who lifts us up when we are down.

8. Someone who reminds us of our strengths when we are feeling weak and defeated.

9. Someone who has faith in us.

10. Someone who is never too busy to uplift us and enlighten us.

How about you? Do you have special friends in your life that make you feel grateful and blessed? If so, you are very lucky and I bet you are a good friend to them, too!

By Mary Kennedy


John Presler said...

I agree with all of the above and also include That a True Friend will ALWAYS be Honest with us rather than just saying something to appease us.

Mary Kennedy said...

John, that is a VERY good point! Very important that we hear the truth. Thanks for stopping by!