Thursday, March 21, 2019

Visiting the Grandkitties

by Karen Rose Smith

We just returned home from spending a few quiet days of family time with our son who lives half of the country away.  His house is, like ours, filled with pets.  I always look forward to interacting with his two cats--Willow, a beautiful long-haired calico and Mina, a short-haired calico with unique markings. 

Willow is the inspiration for Sophia in my Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery series.  She appears in all of the books and is always part of the interactions when a scene plays out in Caprice's house. 

Willow always greets us at the door when we arrive and does not hesitate to curl up in the bed with me.

Mina, on the other hand, is only two years old.  She is much more shy.  During our visit shortly after she arrived at her forever home, she hid in the bedroom until the night before we were scheduled to return home.  Then she slowly made her way into the living room to join us and cautiously engaged in some play with the cat wand.  Now, three visits later, she still scurried to hide but reappeared within a few hours and enjoyed playing.  This time she even allowed me to pet her for a short time.  I know patience is important when dealing with new arrivals and that the time distance between our visits is not ideal to building trust, but hopefully the next time she will be at the door to greet us like her sister.

Mina does enjoy spending time watching the fish in our son's many aquariums.  Her favorite is the Molly tank.  She perches on top of her scratching post and watches the activity, ignoring everyone else in the room.  When she tires of watching, she can sametimes be encouraged to play for a while before retreating to one of her hiding spots. 

Although I enjoyed visiting the grandkitties, I still missed my own fur babies.  I would like to think that they missed me as much, but our pet sitter does such an excellent job of caring for them that they didn't seem to notice that I was gone. 

And today...everything was back to normal!

Special effects make Willow's portrait look like an oil painting.

One of our son's salt water aquariums.

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