Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring Snow

by Maggie Sefton

The photo adjacent shows the newly shoveled walkway to my Fort Collins, Colorado house and driveway after a March snowstorm on Saturday dumped 6" of fresh dry powder.  Our milder late February temps disappeared and dropped into the single digits.  I hire a great  strong young man who does a wonderful job of shoveling snow for me every Winter.  I stopped doing that chore several years ago.  

I'm thinking this is Winter's Goodbye.  At least. . .I hope it's Goodbye.  :)  My 15 year old black Border Collie/Black Lab mix Katy had speedy trips outside for breakfast and dinner plus afternoon breaks.  Not a good time for our pets to be out for long.  The Weather Channel (my favorite channel)  informed us yesterday  this same snowstorm was moving East.  It's in the MidWest now.  When you read this post on Tuesday morning, I imagine the snow will have reached the East Coast.  Ohhhhh,  yes . . the Weather Channel is also telling us that there's a second winter storm with snow that's ready to move onto the California coast by this weekend.

Oh well, Spring is right around the corner. . . .I think.   Fingers crossed.   Stay warm, Everyone.  

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Diane said...

I'm in Ct and we got 12 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. I hope this is it for winter. It is 20 now at 9:4am. I really hate winter now. Must be my age. LOL We have not had a lot of snow this year but it has been cold and no sun for most of it. The sun is shinning brightly today but cold. Think Spring!
Make it a great day.