Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spring is in the air

There is still snow on the ground and it’s so darn cold here in Cincy but one of these days and not too far off spring is bound to come, right? Fact is they are calling for 50 degrees here this weekend. Yippee.
That sure puts a spring in my step and in my heart. So to get ready for spring I decided to do something fun, really fun. I bought an air bee and bee.
Okay, what is an air bee and bee? It’s a bee house! You probably know that bees are amazing pollinators and Mason bees and Leafcutter bees are champions in this sport.
I’ve always wanted to raise bees. Not sure if you actually raise bees as they do the work themselves. The reason I didn’t jump into this before is because I thought all bees stung and all bees made honey.
So here’s a little bee 101. Mason bees and Leafcutter bees do not make honey and they do not sting. This is really important when you have grandkids who get into every nook and cranny no matter how many times you warn them not too.
So my non-sting bees are a perfect choice from my garden and doing my bit to help the bee population under attack from pesticides.
I got the house and supposed to put it in a sunny east section of the yard three to six feet off the ground. My bees are mailed...yes, me in April. Thus we get the name air bee and bee.
I just put in a new garden last fall as my old garden was for sun and with the trees taking over my yard I needed sun/shade pants. I sure hope all my efforts pay off. And now I have the bees to pollinate the new flowers. I’ll post pictures of the bee house when I get it up and the bees hard at work. Wish me luck!

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Fiona L. Woods said...

I love Mason Bees. I think you'll love them too. They're really cute little blue-black bees.

I've had them for seven years now. When I say "had," that's because you really don't need to do anything for them except make sure they have stuff to pollinate (eat) and that you clean out their bee and bee so they can come back and lay eggs there for next year. I do put my bee and bee under a shelf to keep it out of the rain and snow in winter.

Enjoy your new friends.