Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It's That Time Again

by Maggie Sefton

Wow!  It's Tax Time again.  Time to gather all your bank statements, W-2 forms, and get to work.  If you're one of the millions of Americans----and the vast majority----it will be quick work.  You can easily fill out a single or a married filing jointly tax return and drop it in the mail.  Easy, easy.

However, if you are one of us who have small businesses (and writing fiction is a very small sector of the American Economy), it is the time to gather all the receipts and 1099 forms that show income received during the previous year and categorize and total everything.  And write it down.  If we are comfortable enough with filling out tax forms, then we can correctly fill out the IRS form Schedule C for Sole Proprietors (of small businesses).  Since I had spent many years as an accountant and a CPA before that, I did all the preparatory work and filled out the forms myself, even during the early years when I was working as an accountant in various offices and writing fiction at nights and weekends.  .  Then, when the Kelly Flynn Mysteries were published and began selling (quite well, I'm pleased to say), I decided to turn the final phase of the job over to a CPA.  Thank goodness!  It was quite time consuming, and I had fiction to write.

The characters from DEADLY POLITICS were banging on the door, demanding to be put on the page.  Then, a few years later, the characters from my 1890 Historical Mystery---SCANDALS, SECRETS AND MURDER---started demanding their turn onstage.

Cozy Chicks Blog readers and friends are well aware of how pushy and assertive fictional characters can be because the Chicks have shared that with you over the years.  And all  of the Chicks are SO very grateful and happy that you enjoy our books.  Meanwhile, join the rest of us and finish up those tax forms---or---hand everything over to an experienced accountant.  Then, you can relax with a good book.  :)    Enjoy!  

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