Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Family...the good the bad and the How in the heck can we be related.

Hi, Everyone, Reagan Summerside here talking about families and there are no families on this here planet closer than Southern families and that includes the Summersides. We’re all different for sure...

Mamma and KiKi were sisters. At birth the muses tangoed over auntie’s crib turning her into Savannah’s dance diva and they wrapped mamma in a blanket with little elephants resulting in this campaign and me getting the name Reagan.

but we’re there for each other when it counts like now when Mamma’s running for office! 

“People are going to hate me if I do this,” I said to Auntie KiKi. “They’re going to cuss a blue streak and call me names and tell me to mind my own blankety-blank business and then slam the phone in my ear.” 

     “Oh for crying in a bucket, Reagan.” KiKi shoved a computer printout at me. “Time to put on your iron-clad bloomers and dial the numbers on this here sheet. It’s your very own mamma everyone in this room is trying to get elected to city council. 

The last thing on earth I want to do is make campaign calls but I will because it’s for Mamma. I keep reminding myself this is the woman who single-handedly raised me after Daddy went boar hunting with the good old boys proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that guns and Johnny Walker Red are indeed a mighty poor mix.

Mamma and Auntie KiKi have always been there for me not rubbing it in when I divorced Hollis Beaumont the Third when they both told me from the get-go he was a horse’s patoot. 

Usually I let them have their way because they are my elders and the fact that they don’t listen to me any more than I listen to them but on occasion I put my foot down and get my way.

I studied Mamma and Auntie KiKi and Bruce Willis, a huge wave a thankfulness that we were still here in this kitchen sucking air pouring over me. “We need a group hug,” I blurted.
       “Honey,” KiKi said in her best auntie voice. “This isn’t California, we’re Republicans. We’re more a kiss on the forehead you’ll be fine as a fiddlekind of family then we just move on with life.”
I folded my arms across my too tight green warm-up suit and held my ground. 

And then there’s my wedding that’s just around the corner...

         …you’re walking me down the aisle, BW is the ring bearer, Mamma is officiating and we’re having pot roast and mac and cheese for dinner. You got to admit that’s better than rubber chicken. And of course the best part is I’m marrying the best guy ever.

Okay, so you know my family and now I want to know about yours. When was the last time you did something for them when you reeeeeally didn’t want to? Dog sit? Kid sit? Throw a party for obnoxious Uncle Harry? 


Cynthia said...

I’d love to be at Reagan’s wedding. It will be a hoot and a half I’m sure. As to animals in weddings, we’ve been to one this past September for my sister in law and she and her new husband had their black lab as the ring bearer and our grandson walked her (the dog) down the aisle. Adorable! So this is also going to answer your second question about doing something for family that you didn’t want to do. That was also the day of this wedding which was on top of a mountain in NH and where guests had to ride up to the top in a gondola then get out and walk to the edge of the mountain for the ceremony in the bright sunshine. I had to refuse for many reasons one of which is that I would have to go in my mobility scooter as mobility is very difficult for me and the scooter wouldn’t fit into the gondola. Also the terrain up on the mountain was rocky and uneven and very difficult for those sturdy guests and I had just gotten over sun poisoning problems from an April sun exposure and spending two hours out in a wide opened bright mountain side space on a sunny day in 90 plus degree heat was out of the question! I had already said no before it was realized that logistically this would be impossible for me so at least I had no guilt for not being at the ceremony. And, my family up there on the mountain sent me texted pictures during the entire ceremony etc while I sat in front of a huge industrial fan in the lodge (even though it was 97 degrees) waiting for them all to get on the gondola four at a time to enjoy my fan too! Otherwise. I never saw no to family unless we won’t be home to do whatever is asked of us.

Really looking forward to your upcoming book DUFFY!


Amy said...

I took care of two of my grandchildren in October while the 4 adults went on a cruise. I take my grandkids as much as I can being that we live far from all 4 of them.
My youngest is getting married innJune and all three of her dogs are part of the wedding. One walks down with my grandson the ring bearer, and probably the other two with my three granddaughters.... flower girls. While my daughter and new hubby go away after their wedding for two weeks we are taking their two year old daughter. Going to be a fun time having all four grandkids together.

servedogmom said...

Hi Duffy, I love this entry. Susy, my service dog will have a role in Kristen and Mike’s wedding this October. I’m not sure if she will carry a basket of flower petals or the rings. A close friends will be making a coordinating outfit for her. As far as doing something for a family member that I would prefer not to: going to a Catholic cemetery with my husband and all of his brothers families to say “Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s” repeatedly on the anniversary of her passing. I have nothing against my in laws and understand that is a part of their faith. The challenge is, we are not Catholic. Following our Baptist beliefs we do visit family grave sites but do not pray very specific prayers. It is an extremely touchy area to maintain peace within the family, yet feeling terrible with the marked pressure to participate in something that seems to be a ritual without true meaning behind it. Love the people, just hate some traditions.