Monday, March 4, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                             

I saw this great graphic on Instagram and thought it might make a fun topic for a blog. Almost all the mystery writers (and mystery readers) I know love cats, so it's usually a popular topic on the links and on social media sites.

Everyone has their favorite cat stories, some funny,some touching. I've had many cats over the years and one of my favorites involves a large black tuxedo cat named Siggy. All my cats are rescues, by the way, so I'm never really sure how old they are, but I think he was about six when I adopted him. He was an amazing cat and always reminded me of The Cat That Walked By Himself.


There was something a little aloof and independent about him; he wasn't a lap cat or a cat who liked to be cuddled. He loved to "hang out" with his humans, always keenly observing. He looked like a highly intelligent cat although I have no way of knowing for sure. He was definitely a survivor.

At one point in his life, he belonged to some college students. His favorite foods were fried chicken, pizza and spaghetti. I quickly changed him over to a more healthful diet.


He was very sensitive to my feelings and moods. One day when I had just come back from the vet I was sitting at the kitchen table, heart broken. I had to have my beloved Lucky put to sleep. I had found her in a vacant lot, emaciated and eating paper, many years earlier. 

 I was on my way to a job interview and stopped traffic as I jumped out and rescued her. She ran right over to me and started crawling up my leg into my arms. She knew I was there to help her! Very unusual. If I hadn't made a wrong turn in a rough part of town, I never would have seen her. Sometimes things are just meant to be.
 So after coming back from the vet, I sat at the kitchen table crying, trying to pull myself together and to my surprise, Siggy jumped up on the table and put his forehead against mine. I was getting his fur wet with tears but he didn't seem to mind. I'm sure he knew I was distressed and wanted to comfort me. He stood there for a long, long time. Every once in a while, he would pull back and look at me with such a sad expression. He knew his human was heart broken.  And I knew he wanted to help.

Siggy loved to nap on the sun porch with the other cats. He was never aggressive with them and seemed to think that this was "their" home and he was the newcomer.

He became terribly ill and we never really knew the cause, even after dozens of tests. We finally took him to the vet school at the Univ of Penn in Philly. They admitted they were stumped too and that Siggy was going downhill. The vet said gently, "If this were my cat, I wouldn't put him through any more tests. I would take him home and love him and let him go gently." Good advice, even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear.

I'm sure you have some cat stories to share and please do! I love to hear them.

Mary Kennedy (and the Kennedy cats)


Anonymous said...

My daughter got her first kitty when she was 11 years old. Mokey was a lovable, gray, long-haired beauty. He took his role as Amy's protector very seriously. When Amy was ill he'd lay next to her to comfort her. Each night he's patrol all around the house, making sure all was well. He's return to her side with a gift, a plastic drinking straw. We never could find his secret stash of straws, but we lived in a big house that had once been a college dorm, so we'd occasionally find things they'd left behind. She'd always tell her friends about all the cute things he's do so became
"The Mok" to all of her friends and became a legend in his own time.

Robyn K said...

Mary, Thank you for sharing your story. All my pets have been rescues. The best cat I ever had was named General. He was patient, loving, and came when I called him. He would greet me at the door when I came home from work. He would let me hold him, hug him, cry on him, and he would never wiggle or try to get away.

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Mokey sounds like a truly amazing cat. Love the drinking straws!! I should get some for my fur babies, I think I will. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Hi Robyn, the General sounds wonderful!! Greeting you at the door is very sweet, like something a dog would do. My cats are more aloof I'm afraid. Most of the really friendly ones have died, it's sad.


Hi Mary
What a lovely story. Reminds me of my calico cat Phyllis. she was always my "baby". She used to love to wrap herself around my neck like a scarf and when i was sick or upset she would lie down next to me and lick my face or my hand. hard to believe, she is gone 11 years this coming May. (that's when I got Maxx and ROCCO)

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Phyllis sounds wonderful, Toni. Think of you and the talented Rocco often, he reminds me so much of Siggy!

dmarie said...

I have Siggys twin We adopted Monster(he came with the name) last year when his people gave him up He was 10 at the time now 11 He is one of the most vocal cats we have ever had

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Monster sounds adorable, (and what a great name, love it!) He was very lucky to have found you.