Monday, February 4, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                             

This graphic sent by my pal Lynda Turpin says it all. Why do people prefer purebred pets? I guess they must have their reasons, but I vote for rescue animals instead. All my pets have wandered into my yard, alone, homeless, thin and scared. Some were absolutely emaciated and I had to nurse them back to health with vet care and loads of TLC. Shadow certainly fit the bill. I found him huddled under a bush in the backyard, curled up in the rain, emaciated to the point of near death. Here he is, many months later.

Since his fur was hopelessly fine and tangled (and he refused to let me brush him) we had to go with a lion cut for the summer. Not for aesthetics, just for his comfort! 

Many of you know the story of Henry, my little sociopath. He is a delightful orange cat who showed up in my yard. His ear was tipped but he was no feral, he obviously had a home once and loved people. However, he didn't love other cats and I called him gladiator cat. He would dart into the house for dinner, beat up my indoor cats and then run out the door. (no wonder he lost a few homes along the way!).  Still, I refused to give up on him and took on the task of reforming him. 

I spent 20 minutes with him every day, petting him, grooming him, and playing with him on the sun porch. The other cats watched enviously from inside, probably wondering why I was wasting my time on him.  But in the end, it all paid off! 

Damian was another challenge. I rescued him from the neighborhood when he showed up in the dead of winter, curled up on a wooden bench on my open porch. He was well fed but freezing. I threw on a coat over my PJ's and dashed downstairs to cuddle him. I put a heating disk on either side of him and he snuggled right in with me. I was hesitant to take him inside until I had him checked out my a vet, which I did, a few days later.

It's a good thing I did because not only did he have hook worm, ring worm and round worm, he had a bite of unknown origin and would have to isolated for 6 months! So he spent six months in solitary splendor on my sun porch. Eventually the time passed and he could come in the house with the rest of the Kennedy cats.

Each of my rescue pets has a story to tell. I was disappointed when a friend told me she would prefer a pure breed to a "flea bitten stray." My cats were insulted (so was I). As you can see, my rescue cats are delightful pets, sweet and attractive, not the least bit flea-bitten! 

Mary Kennedy 

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