Thursday, February 7, 2019

Memories and Picture Galleries

by Karen Rose Smith

Caprice De Luca, the sleuth in my Caprice De Luca Home Staging mystery series is always looking for meaningful ways to decorate the houses she stages.  She has to keep personal mementos at a minimum when decorating for clients to sell their homes.  But when she operated her own decorating business, she loved to incorporate personal touches throughout the spaces she created.  Picture galleries, one such personal touch, can make your home decor warm and cozy.  Surrounding yourself with family photos and other memorable items makes your home's ambiance uniquely personal and unlike anyone else's.  Mixing personal items with catalog items from online retailers can make your home feel styled, yet a part of your life's story. Photo groupings help keep memories of times past alive.     

Photo collages are always part of my own decorating schemes.  I might hang a grouping of photos next to a hutch, tying together the furnishings in the room with the wall decorations. 

I also enjoy galleries of pictures of my cats.  One Christmas, my son gifted me with a  framed collage of my senior cats.  I positioned it over my computer next to a collage that I created of wolves from a local wolf sanctuary that I love to visit.  Notice the tie-in of the animal theme with the horses on the clock.  Often functional items like a clock can effectively be camouflaged in a themed picture grouping.

A single framed collage can nicely fill a small space.  This collage hangs next to my desk and reminds me of special times from my youth with my mother and father.

My living room has a southwestern ambiance so I incorporated suede frames of our trip to the grand canyon next to a gourd vase, Indian pottery and a drum light with a rawhide shade. 

I filled a dark hallway corner with some of my father's paintings and added a flameless candle lantern to the grouping.  The candle is on a timer, so every night the hallway is brightened by its glow and is reflected in the glass-covered artwork.

And sometimes a single picture says it all!

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