Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It’s Their Day!!

Hi, Duffy Brown here chatting about National Love Your Pet Day.

Could there be a more fun day? Not if you own a pet. I read a poll the other day that said 85% of people consider their pet a member of the family. I so get this. What I don’t get is what the heck the other fifteen percent think of their pet.
When you take on a pet it’s a commitment to bring them into your life. And they bring you into theirs. It’s magic. We don’t speak the same language…though I swear Dr. Watson and Spooky understand every word I say. And I sure understand when they want food, for me to open the door so they can go onto the porch, and when something is wrong like “I can see the bottom of my food bowl, mom. Armageddon is eminent.”
My cats are with me when I write, sleep, eat. Pixel would lap milk from my cereal bowl on one side and I’d be eating cereal out of the other. Some of you are totally grossed out by this and maybe I am too just a little bit, but that’s just the way things were with Pixel.
I think this total love of pets, at least for the amazing 85% of us, is why we love pets in our cozies. My Consignment Shop Mysteries would not be the same without BW...that’s Bruce Wills the canine version...the adorable black and white pup Reagan rescued from under the dilapidated porch of her Victorian house in Savannah.
BW is a part of Reagan’s life. He’s there when solving cases, helps with the takedown of the bad guys, afraid when Reagan’s afraid and always willing to share a sugar cookie.
So here’s to National Love Your Pet Day. If you have a pet in your life, you are indeed blessed.
Hugs, Duffy   

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