Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It's Back. . .Again

by Maggie Sefton

I'll apologize in advance for the brevity of today's post.  I'm recuperating from a bout of one of those no-name flu strains that are making a return appearance around the country.  I don't know if it has reached the Midwest or the East Coast of the U.S. yet, but it's definitely here in the West.  The nasty flu strain hit me late  last night and sent me to the local hospital's emergency room today with that awful nausea.  Flu is the only thing that ever affects my digestive system.  Normally I'm as healthy as that  proverbial horse of the old saying.  Interestingly, I learned from the doctors and nurses there that this season's flu strain had a "one-two punch."  They told me it first appeared in early December, and now in late February the second punch arrived with even more people getting sick and showing up in the waiting rooms of the hospital's ER.  So, take care of yourselves, Everyone.  Stay safe.    

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