Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I Need Suggestions

by Maggie Sefton

Hi, there, Everyone.  Today I'm writing to ask your help.  You all know that my daughter Maria married a wonderful man named John who shares joint custody with his former wife of their three minor children----Johnny 13, Emma 9, and Allie now 7.

Well, I need suggestions for 7-year old Allie's birthday present, and I wanted to choose a children's storybook.  Maria and John say that she likes sea animals, cheetahs, and loves mermaids. They also say her reading has gotten much better this year and she's reading a lot.  The last books I bought for both Allie and Emma were in December for the holidays and were collections of old Nursery Rhymes and fables and stories from Richard Scary.  All four of my daughters loved those old stories and read the books  until they were just about threadbare.  But I don't see any of those now in the bookstores.  

Folks----I really could use your suggestions.  Sea animals, cheetahs, mermaids? Any ideas?   Please email any suggestions to maggie@maggiesefton.com.

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