Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Escaping Winter. . . For A Few Days

by Maggie Sefton

I am starting a week of total relaxation here on the sunny West Coast of Florida.  I'm on St. Pete's Beach in a lovely oceanfront hotel. Since last year was so hectic with all kinds of "family activities," I did not reserve a Caribbean cruise in time to snag the prices and trips I liked. So I decided to escape a little Winter Weather at a favorite spot----St. Pete's Beach, near Tampa. 

For several years our family enjoyed summer vacations on the East Coast of Florida around Miami's South Beach.  And, then, we discovered the West Coast of Florida where the quieter and warmer Gulf of Mexico waters totally seduced us.  Our daughters could splash and play in the Gulf without getting knocked down by Mother Atlantic's strong ocean surf.  The warmer and gentler Gulf was also filled with frolicking dolphins enjoying the waters just behind the adults and kids floating and playing there.

During the younger daughters' afternoon nap times, I loved relaxing on a chaise lounge under a palm tree and reading.  :)  It's hard to beat that.  And nothing is as dramatic as a summer thunderstorm at night, with jagged bolts of lightning flashing in the sky.  Now, that is definitely exciting.   


Donamae Kutska said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation enjoy

jhon said...

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Sarah Gunning Moser said...

I personally have never been to that part of western Florida, but my husband used to live and work in St. Pete's Beach, back in the 70s. There used to be an Aquatarium there and he was Showmaster as well as dolphin and sea lion trainer! We have marvelous photos taken by a man who liked the show so much he came back later the same day for the second show, having taken his black and white photos of my husband and the dolphins going through their paces. The man was kind enough to have gone home, developed them in his darkroom (remember those?), and bringing them to Larry. As it turned out, they are the only photographs other than the postcards sold in St. Pete's of the show. He treasures them to this day.

How nice to have found a peaceful place to rest on the beach!