Thursday, February 28, 2019

Capturing Special Moments

by Karen Rose Smith

One of the most awe-filled moments my husband and I experienced together was the birth of Halo's kittens.  We had found the pregnant feline in our backyard and her birthing was one of those special moments we'll never forget.  (My husband wasn't with me when our son was born because back in the day, men weren't allowed in labor and delivery.)

Awe-filled moments take me by surprise.  I try to capture them when I write my books.  In April, my romance, THE NANNY CLAUSE, will be released.  In it, I share that special moment when kittens are born.  I could write the scene with accuracy and emotion because I had experienced the moment with Halo.

Fortunately, photos can capture special moments, so our memories can stay fresh.  In my mysteries, I write about family relationships, marriage, holding a baby.

I often pull out my photograph albums to take me back in time, but also to transport me to a concert where I'm filled with music, an activity with my husband, son or a friend, a celebration that I don't want to forget.

Reliving my own special moments adds depth and texture to writing scenes based on those moments.

I do research for each of my novels--career paths, family backgrounds, foods, teas.  But for the most part, I write what I know.  Most of that knowing comes from special moments that have enriched my own life.

Family Christmas
First Communion

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