Monday, January 28, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                                 

A wonderful profile of screenwriter and novelist David Saperstein in this month's AARP magazine leads us to this fascinating question: Would you choose to live forever if you could? Certainly the most important choice you would ever have to make!

The Saperstein article discusses his hit movie Cocoon and the difficulties he had getting it made. Some producers objected to the fantasy theme (residents of a Florida retirement community discover some pods that have mysterious healing powers and the story takes off after that.) One producer actually said, "Old people don't go to movies!"
 It was a challenge, but after five years, Saperstein finally got an A-list director (Ron Howard) to direct the film. And once the movie was a hit, Saperstein got a book deal and Cocoon landed on the New York Times best seller list.

The idea for the film came to Saperstein when he visited DelRay Beach in Florida, home to many retirees.

Such a clever premise. If you had the chance to be restored to youth and vitality but it would mean leaving this earth, never to see your loved ones again, would you take it? Or would you choose to live out your normal life span here on earth, surrounded by family and friends? What if you were married and you and your spouse made different choices? What if one of you chose to stay and one of you wanted to leave. 

The possibilities are fascinating and endless. 

If you can rent this wonderful 1985 movie starring Don Ameche, please do so. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

By Mary Kennedy

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