Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Winter...yippeeeee...maybe. it or hate it?  Here’s a little pep-talk if the winter is getting you down.
Duffy Brown here. Okay, I’m kind of on the fence on this one. I know winter is cold and messy but when it snows it’s so pretty...if you don’t have to get out there and shovel your car out of a parking space to get home.
And of course there’s the traffic mess and waiting on mass-transit to get home and freezing your backside off and the dirt! Oh yes, once that lovely snow starts to melt there are messy puddles and gross black stuff everywhere getting on my coat and boots.
But what about the clothes? There are some really terrific winter clothes. I love my “duck” boots that keep me warm, are waterproof and look cute! Anything that makes my size 9 ½s look cute is great by me. 

And the winter coats. Such great coats and the scarves. Nothing is more fun than a bright scarf to perk up an outfit and the coats and scarves do a great job on hiding those five pounds I put on over Christmas. Blast those Christmas cookies!

What about the sports?? Are you into skiing? Do you go sledding with the kids? Sledding by yourself? Build that snowman? And the food! 
Okay you got to admit winter food is totally yummy. Stew, soups, chili, baking, hot don’t do hot chocolate in the summer... hot rum punch, hot cider, warm cookies in you cold hands. These are all really amazing.

So what do you think? Is winter looking better to you now that I’ve given you a winter pep talk or are back to dreaming of a summer vacation and planning your flower garden as soon as the last frost fades away?

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