Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winter Memories

by  Maggie Sefton

No, I was not going to post a photo of my Ancient Winter Coat.  
You'd all fall off your chairs laughing.  Instead, I'm posting a  
photo of my  grandchildren who arrived in our family when 

daughter Maria married husband, John, last year.   They'd just 
made a batch of  Chocolate Chip Cookies and were anxiously 
waiting for them to bake.   

Forgive me for stating the obvious.  But for me---someone who does NOT like cold
weather---Winter is a season I have to get ready for.  Bringing out the winter sweaters, pants, layered and warmer tops. Digging into the closet and pulling out Winter jackets to start, then eventually, my thick, bulky,  and the totally unfashionable Winter Coat.

Talk about a survivor.  That old Winter Coat is so old, I can't even remember exactly what year I bought it.  I know it was at least two decades ago, maybe more.  Yes, I said that right.  Over two decades.  I remember buying it because our family was going up into the beautiful Colorado Rockies to a ski resort and stay a few days.  Keystone resort.  That was always a favorite of our family---husband, four daughters, and moi.  Keystone was definitely Family Friendly, and had wonderful accommodations of every level.

There were also great ski lodges where skiers and families could use as a base in between skiing down one of the several picturesque ski runs.  Since my husband and I were not good skiers, we quickly adopted our own version of a "family ski vacation."  He and I would sit in comfortable chairs in the ski lodge beside an oversize fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate  and a good book.  I must admit, we found that much more satisfying then flying down a steep hill praying we wouldn't run into a tree or break a leg.    Instead, we stayed inside the ski lodge, safe and warm, and welcomed our four daughters as they individually straggled in from the slopes, eyelashes plastered to their faces  with  snow residue.  :)   At lunchtime, we'd all gather and have a yummy meal before the kids would venture forth again.  

I'm sure some of you are wagging your heads, thinking that we missed being at a wonderful ski resort entirely.  Au contraire, my friends.  We created our own version of a Ski Resort Vacation and loved it.    Enjoy Winter, Everyone!  

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