Monday, January 14, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                               

Do you have fond memories when you make certain recipes? I know I do! When I see my recipe for pimento cheese (a southern staple) I think of impromptu summer dinners served outside in Hendersonville, Tenn, a lakeside town on the outskirts of Nashville. A bunch of neighbors would get together and share a potluck dinner on a Friday night. It was fun to chat with friends and not have to cook! One of my dear friends always brought pimento cheese spread, pictured above.

When I make chili mac, I always think of my days in radio in Nashville. A group of us would take turns bringing a hot casserole to the station and sharing it for lunch. Chili mac was a favorite, along with macaroni and cheese...

Chicken spaghetti...

And really, anything that was hearty and filling! And we had to make plenty because the DJ's invariably wandered back to the staff room to share the bounty. Every scrap was eaten.


Dessert recipes are fun and bring back memories of celebrations with friends and families. One of my friends always made her "once-a-year" coconut cake, pictured above. It was really delicious and so decadent she pretended she only made it on rare occasions. Of course that wasn't true, because we begged her to make it almost every get together.

Sometimes recipes don't turn out quite as I remembered them. Recently, I tried to make a cold salad that called for water chestnuts, Ramen noodles and a few other ingredients. I hadn't made it in ages and maybe I left out something important because it just didn't have the zip I remembered. 

How about you? Do you have special occasion recipes or casual recipes that bring memories of fun times? And by the way, if you do have a great recipe for a cold salad with Ramen noodles, I'd love to have it! 

Bon appetit from Mary Kennedy

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