Friday, January 18, 2019

Does everybody have a coffee station?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Not my cocoa station
During December, I watched (well, they were playing while I did other things) over 100 entries in the $5 Goodwill Challenge 2018 Christmas Edition on Youtube. An awful lot of these vloggers made hot cocoa stations or did an overhaul of their coffee/tea stations.

Since when does everybody have coffee stations?  Okay, our coffee maker lives by the sink and the GFI plug. I don't drink coffee, but I make a pot every morning for Mr. L. My electric kettle lives on the opposite side of the counter because that's where that plug is.  You can't plug both coffee pot and tea kettle in the same plug or they trip the circuit so that's why they live apart. Mr. L's coffee and filters live in the cupboard above the stove and my tea bags and teapot live near the kettle.

Not my coffee station
Now I will admit that cocoa stations can be incredibly cute. But Mr. L and I don't have a lot of visitors and I can count on one hand how many mugs of cocoa I drink in any given year. Not that I don't like cocoa, but it has a lot more calories in it than a cuppa tea does ... so tea is my daytime drink of choice.

Until recently, I only had one glass jar to hold my tea. Most of the time I make a pot of tea and use Typhoo teabags. If I want to make just a mug of tea, I use a Red Rose teabag. Mr. L gave me a box of Red Rose orange pekeo teabags and they're now living in a smaller glass jar.  I've had the little ceramic teabag holder since I got married (Mr. L brought it with him) but only recently started using it.

It's not what you could call a tea station, but I guess it functions as such. I don't put sugar in my tea, so no sugar or creamers lives on the counter (although I must have at least 10 bone china sets).

Of course, two of my characters have "beverage stations."  Tricia of The Booktown Mysteries offers her customers free coffee and treats like mini cupcakes or cookies. Kathy Grant of The Lotus Bay Mysteries owns a B&B called Swans Nest. When her guests are in resident, she keeps a coffee/tea/cocoa beverage station in her dining room, along with fresh-baked cookies.  (Kathy loves to bake cookies.)

So, do you have a coffee, tea, or cocoa station?

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