Thursday, January 31, 2019

Changing the Bed Linens...With Cats!

by Karen Rose Smith

Changing the bed linens at our house can be a three-ring circus...or should I say a five-cat melee!  If I don't have the presence of mind to close the door before I begin...or there are already one or more cats on the bed, I know I'm about to be a referee in a fight over who claims the bed and who gets to claim the clean sheets. 

Even if I begin with a cat-free room, as soon as I begin to strip the bed, I'm bound to have a curious feline visitor.  Usually, it is not too difficult to remove the linens from a cat-laden bed, but remaking the bed is another story.  And for some reason, word seems to spread quickly that I am about to attempt to put fresh linens on the bed.  It seems that there has to be a ritual to leave feline scent on the clean linens.  That might be accomplished with a simple roll over the fitted bottom sheet.  But as more layers are added, the process becomes more complicated with cats on top of the bedspread and in various layers under the spread.  Bumps move across the bed and heads pop out from the sides at the edge of the newly arranged covers.  Sometimes it becomes a cat-and-mouse game of one feline on top of the spread chasing a moving bump under the covers. 

If the chore becomes impossible to complete, I just retreat for a few seconds to let them perform their antics and then return to complete my task...and remove cat hair left behind as the felines move on to their next escapade.  And then, of course, there is the clever feline who always finds the newly laundered sheets after I take them from the dryer and before I get them folded to put in the linen closet.

Changing the bed linens with cats in the room can be frustrating...or you can make it a game and enjoy the shenanigans along with the furry crew.  It may taken longer, but you can make a mundane household chore fun.       

Paddy gives her okay to add the spread and pillows to the freshly-made bed.  

Freshly laundered sheets?  Freya says, "Let me check!"
Halo prefers to watch from under the bed.

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