Monday, December 17, 2018


By Mary Kennedy                                               

Henry (and some of the other Kennedy cats) who weren't featured last week thought you might like some more cat trivia. Henry, by the way, used to be called my "sociopathic cat" because he was so aggressive, but he has totally reformed. I thought this was a cute photo of him "behind bars," and I always remind him that if he's not careful, he'll end up in juvie.

*The ridge pattern of a cat's nose is unique to each cat, just like a human fingerprint. Oscar, pictured below, said he thought everyone knew that!

*Female cats tend to be right paw dominant, and male cats tend to be left paw dominant.

Eliza (mother of five!) said she wonders if that's why male cats never want to ask directions and why female cats are good at remembering birthdays. 


*Cats can't taste sweetness. (so don't bother giving them desserts, and whatever you do, don't give them chocolate, it can be fatal.) Damian, pictured above, wants to remind everyone to hide the Christmas candy.

Damian asked that I post two pictures of him since I left him out of the blog last week. Here you go, sweetie! Damian is fond of baskets (but aren't all cats?)

*cats love boxes
In case you've forgotten, your cat will probably enjoy the box as much as the gift! 

*Be sure to remember your local shelters with a donation around the holidays. 

My local shelter, Faithful Friends, in Wilmington, Delaware is quite amazing. You can visit them on Facebook. 
Or go to their website 
You can follow them on Twitter!
You can follow them on Instagram!

 Calpurnia wants to remind you that every donation between now and Feb 15th is doubled!!!
So please help Faithful Friends help the animals. They're doing an amazing job but can do more with your help.

The Kennedy cats say, Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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