Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fear of Flying? Just the Opposite.

by Maggie Sefton

Hello, Cozy Chicks readers and friends.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
and everyone had all the Turkey and trimmings they wanted.  I surely did.  I spent the holiday back in Northern Virginia with Family and enjoyed a wonderful Feast day.  Oldest Daughter Christine prepared a delicious meal with turkey and stuffing and gravy, and mashed potatoes and all the rest of the "trimmings" that accompany that favorite feast.  Including, of course, yummy pumpkin pie.  It was a great chance to see family, and I grab every chance I get to see family.

Since I live out here in Colorado but love to see family Back East, that means I have to travel a lot.   And for me, that always involves an airline flight.  Fortunately, I have not become tired of airline travel.  In fact, I still love it.  Some folks do NOT like to fly.  Airplanes make them apprehensive, and in some cases, scare them.  I've seen some of them on my previous flights over the years.

Take-offs are particularly stressful for these apprehensive travelers.  Some close their eyes and sit very still in their seats.  Some stare anxiously out the airplane window as the plane takes off. And some, sit in their seats with their eyes closed and their lips moving.  I can only imagine that they're praying for a safe flight.  And, that is definitely a good idea. It certainly doesn't hurt.  :)

As for me----well, I'm one of those crazy love-to-fly types.  I actually LOVE the drama of take-offs.  There's a special feeling as the plane starts going down the runway, faster and faster.  I always stop reading and stare out the window----and smile.  Feeling the plane go faster and faster, then lift off the ground, starting its climb.  The engines trying to lift the plane higher and feeling  gravity pulling at the belly of the plane, trying to snatch it down.  The engines fighting to pull the plane up, up, up while Earth's gravity is fighting just as hard to pull the plane down, down, down.   There's a dramatic few seconds when you can feel that battle going on outside while you can feel it inside.  Finally, the plane breaks through and lifts out of gravity's grasp and climbs higher  and higher.  The earth below revealing itself to your gaze.

Too dramatic, you say?  Well, I am a fiction writer by trade and therefore, I'm dramatic by nature.    But, I certainly hope my "dramatic" description of a flight experience has not left anyone afraid of flying.  :)   After all, the Holiday Season has just begun.      

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