Thursday, December 6, 2018

Deck The Halls

by Karen Rose Smith

My husband and I were on our way to a holiday party last weekend and I enjoyed seeing the decorations that were appearing on houses along the way.  I was struck by the variety of decorating ideas.  Each was special in its own way.  While we celebrate Christmas as a gigantic holiday with its parades, gift-giving and festive atmosphere, I couldn't help but wonder about the family traditions that were behind each decorated home we passed.  More than a starred date on the calendar, the holiday is also a family celebration of traditions and memories that are uniquely special to each household.

What kind of holiday decorator are you?  Have you developed your own decorating style or are your decorations part of a long-standing holiday family tradition?

Are your decorations professionally prepared? 

Are you an over-the-top outside decorator with multiple lights and garlands?

Are you decorations simple but tasteful? 

Do you follow a holiday decorating theme? 

Do you prefer funky whimsical decorations?

Regardless of your decorating style, I hope you enjoy the process of decorating and appreciate the joy it brings to all who see your holiday displays. 

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