Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Gifts and Cat "Presence"

by Karen Rose Smith

Every year I purchase a few new toys to give the cats, hopefully to distract them while we open our Christmas gifts.  For the most part, this year's "distractions" lasted about five minutes!  Halo and
Zoie Joy couldn't be bothered with the hoopla and went off to their favorite napping spots.  Paddy, on the other hand, spent some time with her new crinkly tunnel.  That even mesmerized Zander and Freya for a short while. 
But then the felines redirected their attention to "help" us open our gifts.  Dangling ribbons, empty boxes and crumbled paper were much more captivating than catnip toys.  Freya was especially interested in my husband's new digital tape measure.  

All in all, it was as much fun watching cat antics in the discarded wrappings as it was opening the gift inside the boxes and bags.  We can always count on a few good laughs provided by the family felines to provide free entertainment to our family gift exchanges.  Here are a few photos of the goings-on this year. 

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