Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful For My Furry Family

by Karen Rose Smith

As I was preparing this week for Thanksgiving Day, a time for celebrating with friends and family, I stopped for a few moments to reflect on my furry family.  I am so grateful for the felines who have wrapped themselves around my heart.  The looks of trust and affection in their eyes show me how grateful they are for my care and the love I share with them each day.  Each of the felines has his/her own personality and I have learned to interact with them in their individual uniqueness.

Halo and Zoie love to share the bed and bask in extended periods of cuddling.  Zander, one of our year-old siblings, sometimes claims a spot near my pillow and Halo and Zoie reluctantly vacate their special spots to give him the chance to bond with me.  Paddy and Freya , on the other hand, are more loners, but Paddy appreciates a special treat or a passing back rub and Freya likes to be picked up and hugged when in her own territory which is usually our dining room.  After a year of adjustment following the arrival of Zander and Freya, the furry household seems to be settling into a feline family...not without its squabbles but filled with love.

Miss Paddington, Halo's kitten
And after three years, Bonnie and Clyde, our outside visitors, willingly come into the basement most evenings, but are ready to go back outside after their morning feeding.  They are showing more trust with both my husband and me, but still dart at the smallest movement or unfamiliar sound.  I can pet Clyde (when he chooses to allow me to do it) and Bonnie will occasionally tolerate a quick hand down her back as she walks by.

My furry family fills my otherwise work-filled days with laughter and affection.  For that, I am grateful not only this week but every week of the year.

Halo, Paddy's mother is pictured above and recent photos of the rest of my faithful felines are scattered through the post.





Too Much Turkey for me!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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