Friday, November 23, 2018

Not so many Frequently Asked Questions

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Like the Cozy Chicks, I have a Facebook Group Page. I'm not sure what I expected when I set the page up, but I thought I'd get a lot more questions about my books and about my writing life.

Didn't happen. Instead, we talk a lot about our lives...what tea we're drinking (after all, it's called Lorraine's and Lorna's Perpetual Tea Party), but mostly we talk about our days. What we expect and what happens. That can sound mundane, but it's really not. One of my readers was recently on Jeopardy! (That's something I'll never get to do!) We celebrate the days of the week, food, and generally have fun. Sometimes someone will post something sad, looking for comfort--and my readers are there to deliver it.

We have a lot of ladies in the group, but also gentlemen, too. Ever;ybody is welcome.

Next Thursday (November 29th, from 7 to 9 pm EST), I'm holding a Launch Party for my next Victoria Square Mystery, YULE BE DEAD. We'll have giveaways, share recipes, and talk about our Christmas Traditions. Why Christmas? Well, my book is a Christmas book, after all! Maybe we'll share gift-giving ideas, too.  You never know what these events will entail.

You're welcome to join in the fun.  Come on over and join my group.

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Don't know about YULE BE DEAD? Here's a description.

It's the holiday season, but not everyone is jolly--especially not Vonne Barnett. Her dead body has been found near Victoria Square. Katie Bonner, the manager of Artisan’s Alley, happens to be at the tea shop Vonne's mother, Francine, owns when the news is delivered.

Vonne left a trail of men behind her so the suspects are many--but the clues are few. A broken teacup* leads Katie to one of the suspects, but before she can investigate, she’s attacked. Katie may be closing in on a killer, but time is ticking because the killer is definitely closing in on her.

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* The Broken Teacup is a short story in my companion series, Life on Victoria Square.

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