Saturday, November 24, 2018


By Mary Kennedy                                       

Today, Lola is hogging the spotlight. And that's okay, because at age 58 (she only admits to being 38), Lola is still trying to make it in Hollywood. Or at least in the world of South Beach films, because after all, South Beach is known as "Hollywood East." It's cheaper to film in Florida and lot of production companies are opening there.

Lola, in case you're not following the Talk Radio Mysteries (and I hope you are!) is Dr. Maggie's mother. She's starstruck, relegated to B movies and just hired a geriatric agent to help her career.
She's in all the Talk Radio books and you might like to start with DEAD AIR, the first of the series.

 Lola is finding it tough going in south Florida. The odds are against her. 98% of Actors Guild members are unemployed at any given time, and they're the cream of the crop. As Lola says, "It's tough being a woman of a certain age. Look at poor Mia Farrow. She was so adorable in Rosemary's Baby and now she's playing grandmothers."  Here's a current photo of Mia Farrow with her son, Ronan, still looking pretty darn good! (Does Ronan bear an uncanny resemblance to Frank Sinatra? Yes!)
Lola can really relate to the movie, Jimmy Hollywood starring Joe Pesci and Christian Slater. Joe Pesci plays an unemployed actor who "always thought he'd make it" and goes to great lengths to get a career in acting. 

Lola was thrilled to get a bit part in a movie in book two of the Talk Radio series, REEL MURDER. When her old friend, film director Hank Watson, decides to shoot a movie in south Florida, he hires Dr. Maggie as a consultant and gives Lola a speaking part. Lola is over the moon until the leading lady is murdered and the film is shut down.

She joins Dr. Maggie and the whole crew of WYME Radio as they hurry to solve the crime.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at Lola, who is "eternally young." By the way, Lola's secret to eternal youth? Lie about your age!

By Mary Kennedy

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