Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Indy or traditional...does it matter?

Hi, Duffy Brown here with my first indy published book through Amazon. And I have to say I just love being an indy author! I think I’m a total control freak so this indy stuff really works well for me.
I can set the price, raise and lower it to run specials. Do giveaways, promotions, have my own cover and do my own reader letters. I can sell my ereads for 2.99!!! I just love that and it’s a fair price. I often feel the traditional publishers who charge 7.99, 9.99 etc for a download book are gouging the readers. It sure doesn’t cost that much to put a book online for that!
Back in the day when I wrote romance I had some really rotten covers and the publisher didn’t really give a flying fig that I liked them or not. Now I don’t have to put up with that! I get to pick and choose my cover.
And I now feel like I have more of a personal contact with the readers. Since all the promo is up to me I can interact with the readers more. That is just perfect as for me the best part of writing is the readers! And cozy mystery readers are the very best! I’ve met some of the best people though my books. They have shared their stories and get to listen to mine and there is a definite bond.
So my question to you is, does it matter to you if a book is indy or NY published?  

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