Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hi, Evie Bloomfield here from the Cycle Path mysteries

In case you didn’t know... This is how me getting to Mackinac Island all started...
You see, I was a graphic designer at a firm in Chicago. I came from a family of lawyers, really successful lawyers. My siblings, Trevor and Lindsey, are the perfect offspring. They made perfect grades and now work at the perfect law firms. Fact is Lindsey just made partner!
My boss didn’t know I was alive, I hadn’t had a promotion in two years and was still on the bottom rung of the office pecking order. My apartment was the size of a pool table but most pool tables were nicer.
I needed a raise! I needed something to brag about at Thanksgiving dinner, the next big family get-together. The way things were going I was headed to be eating turkey at the little kids table.
So, I had a plan. My boss’s father owned a bicycle shop on Mackinac Island and had broken his leg. He was really laid up and can’t do much. I figured if I offer to go help him out, maybe spruce the place up because he couldn’t I just might get my boss’s attention. At least maybe she’d remember my name. Seems to me that was the first step in getting a raise.
I could just quit the job and move on but I had years invested here. So, I left Chicago and went to an eight mile chunk of land in the middle of a lake to try and wheedle a promotion out of my boss.
I’ve never been to Mackinac Island! Wow, was I in for a huge surprise of no cars and only big horses and bikes to get around. That my boss’s dad got accused of murder on my watch did not help my chances of that promotion one bit.
So my question to you today is, have you ever been to a place that was completely a big surprise? Someplace where you felt completely out of it?
Hugs, Evie

Duffy Brown
Cycle Path mysteries

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