Thursday, November 1, 2018

Choosing Paint Samples and Developing Characters

By Karen Rose Smith

We are in the midst of removing wallpaper and preparing the bathroom walls for a coat of paint.  While removing the old wallpaper can be tedious and time-consuming, that is a breeze compared to picking the right color of paint.  That process is as challenging as developing the right character for one of my mysteries or romances.  All the aspects of a character's personality must fit together to maximize the role they play in the story.  Similarly, all the tints and tones of a color scheme must work together to present a cohesive and appealing decor.  

I thought I had chosen the right color palette which would blend perfectly with the colors in the rest of the house.  We went to the paint store with the intention of purchasing a gallon of the lightest shade and one in a darker shade of the same palette.  When we saw the price of a gallon of the low-odor brand we always use, we quickly decided to purchase sample quarts of regular paint.  Thank goodness, because the palette we chose was more blue than would work with our decor.  So we had to return to the paint store for additional sample quarts from a different color palette.  We kept adding colors to      our sample board until we had the right combination for wall and trim.  

In addition to the paint cards and quarts, we also checked out a wallpaper sample book!  "Oh, no!" says hubby...because I'm still deciding!  We set the bead board in the bathroom and the bedroom to study the sample paint lines.  I'm hoping that soon I'll walk into the room and say, "That's the one!"

In my Caprice De Luca Home Staging mysteries, Caprice uses the same process when staging one of her high-end homes for showing.  She works tediously with a color scheme, often starting with one piece of furniture or fabric, and develops her whole plan around it.  In CUT TO THE CHAISE, the chaise lounge in the winery's tasting room is the focal point of her design.  The teal/turquoise color scheme is relaxing, yet eye-catching--the perfect color for the leather chaise lounge and the drop lights over the tasting bar.  Other colors in the room are complementary to those focal points.
How do you choose your color schemes when redecorating a room?  

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