Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Time for the Cozy!

Hi, Duffy Brown here. 

I do a lot of National Days on FB. What is this? Well, it seems that every day celebrates something. There’s a National Nut Day that I just talked about, National Candy Day, National Strawberry Shortcake get the picture.
And I love these days. Makes me think about stuff I love and take a second or two to truly appreciate them. I mean how many times to you really say you appreciate a nut that is not a family member or neighbor.
So today I’ve decided to make up my own National Day. I’m not sure if it already exists or not but I’m doing it anyway.
I’m declaring today National Cozy Mystery Day!
Obviously I love cozy mysteries since I write them but I think it’s time to give the cozy the respect and love it deserves. I know you all feel the love for the cozy but IMHO there are many booksellers and publishers who do not.
What has brought this on is my latest book fair event. Not for the first time has this particular bookstore who hosted the event stuck the cozy people out of the way and in the back. I’ve contacted them about doing an event with other cozy authors and got nothing but crickets...meaning no response at all.
And then there’s the look from other authors when you say you write cozies. Oh good grief.
Anyway, with all these snubs I’m declaring today National Cozy Mystery Day. If it’s already out there well now we have two! I just thought it was time for cozy loves to celebrate Nationally.
So my question to you is... What National Day would you create! Something you love and want to honor.
Have a happy Cozy Mystery Day.
Hugs, Duffy 

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