Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The gang’s all here!

Hi, Duffy Brown here.
This weekend I’m going Knoxville for a weekend of fun with readers. This is the best part of being a writer...meeting and chatting with readers.
And it will be a blast!! Friday night is Two Dames Mystery Party where all ninety...yes ninety...readers join in the fun of a roaring twenties mystery party.
Get your Tommy guns and fedoras out of the attic. Dust off your pearls and boas. It’s time for... 
Bootleg, Babes and Bodies.  
Two Dames Speakeasy is having a Grand Opening celebration and the eight families are coming together to meet the newcomers in town causing a lot of trouble. With gangsters, hit men, crooked politicians, jazz singers, rumrunners, saloonkeepers, cigarette girls, flappers, pimps and prostitutes and even a priest or two things are bound to get deadly with families trying to take over each other’s territory. Who of the eight suspects will knock who off first? Who will be the last man or woman standing? 
There are nine families and ten characters to a family like 
1Sweet-stuff Biscotti
2Cookie-the-Cutie Biscotti: 
3Bambina-the-Blade Biscotti: 
4Darla-the-Daring Biscotti: 
5Cocoa Biscotti:
6Valentine-the-heart Biscotti: 
7Babyface Biscotti: 
8Delia-the-delicious Biscotti:  

There are eight suspects and the families must hunt them down in different locations in the hotel to gather clues. Everyone is in costume with boas, long pearls, fringe dresses, fedoras and sequins everywhere.  I cannot wait to get the pics! There are trophies for the winners and a pizza dinner to celebrate the whodunit it. 

Next week I’ll post pics and tell you about the second half of this fun weekend…a mystery boat ride on a paddle wheeler. We do this mystery weekend with readers every year and travel all over doing  to meet and have fun with readers we chat with all year long on Facebook  emails etc. We’ve been to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and this year Tennessee! 

Next week I’ll tell you where Two Dames will hold their 2019 Two Dames Mystery Weekend so you can plan on joining in the fun. Here are some pics from other mystery weekends we’ve put on.

Come join the fun!!

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