Thursday, October 4, 2018

Revisiting Baler and Dottie

by Karen Rose Smith

In August I posted a blog that related our experiences pet sitting for friends who had just rescued a kitten.  They were  about to leave on a vacation that had been in the workings for a year.  They already had an older cat who was used to being alone whenever they were away.  A family member stopped in to check on him and refresh his water and food.  But I was wary of leaving a kitten for an extended period, even though she had the company of her older brother.  So I volunteered to drive the thirty-five minutes to spend time with their felines on the days when the family member wasn't able to stop by.  My husband and I looked at it as a stay-cation and we really enjoyed spending time away from home in the company of some adorable felines.  We stopped on the way to pick up lunch and stopped on the way home for a hand-dipped ice cream cone.

Our friends left again last weekend for a week with their children and grandchildren.  Of course, we agreed to stop in and stay-cation with Dottie and Baler again.  My friend had been sending pictures and videos over the past several weeks.  I watched Dottie grow and witnessed the beautiful kinship she has developed with her brother.  I was anxious to watch it in person.  And the felines didn't disappoint me.  Their camaraderie touched me and I found myself wishing that everyone everywhere could find the same playfulness and respect for each other.  It is the simple things, the trust, the unconditional love that make our lives meaningful.       

And to think I learned this all from two felines!  Well, actually our five inside...and our two outside cats.

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