Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Old Kitty Friends Still Here

by Maggie Sefton

I wish I had a photo of kitty cat Zoey, but my friend Diane didn't have any.  So----I'll just add a photo of my dear Blue Tick Coon Hound dog Max----who yearned to "play" with the kitties.  :)  

I'm back in hometown of Northern Virginia and will head out soon today to have lunch with my old childhood friend, Diane.  She and her sister Nancy and I grew up together across the street from each other in Arlington, Virginia, the older non-fancy section of Arlington.  :)  Diane just emailed me with the absorbing details of how her sweet older cat, Zoey, is deteriorating rapidly.  Zoey is a sweet old kitty cat and loves a couple of pats, but that's all.  :)    She'll get annoyed if you pat her too much.  When she was younger she'd jump up in my lap and sleep.  Naturally I stayed put in that situation.    The things we do for our animal friends.    

Diane has been racing around Northern VA trying to get prescriptions filled and find fluid injectors so the pills can be crushed and put in fluid so it will be easier for Zoey to swallow them.  Zoey is nearly 17 years old and (like my kitties in the past) loves to split her day between inside the house and outside in the yard.   Zoey had stopped eating entirely so this was a serious situation.  One of the pills was an appetite enhancer.  Diane finally found an injector that would work and she and husband Les crushed the pills, added water, and were able to inject that liquid into Zoey's mouth.  And Zoey kept it down.  Plus, Zoey immediately went over to her bowl and ate the tiny bit of food there.  Thank goodness! So----fingers crossed that Zoey continues to improve.

No I don't have kitties along with my doggies anymore----used to years ago.  But my silly Blue Tick Coon Hound Max would never have given that kitty cat one minute of peace. No matter if kitty cat would shred his nose raw, Max would still be pestering her.  Every day of his life Max would love to run outside with my sweet Katy dog (14 years old now) and scamper up the woodpile stacked between the fence and the storage shed in the far corner of the yard.  From that vantage point, Max could see into the yard behind us and watch the cat in their backyard.

He wouldn't bark.  He saved his barking for the yappy barky dog in one of the yards alongside my house.  No, no. . .Max would simply stare yearningly (is that a word??) at the kitty cat stretched out on the neighbor's patio deck.  He was probably thinking---"Oh, please, come over here.  I want to chase you around.  Please, please!"   I kept telling Max that cats were waaaaaay too smart to come over and visit him.   But he kept staring at them anyway.

Yes, I do miss Max.  Katy is doing well, going outside and visiting with all the dogs in the yards surrounding my house.  Katy ignores yappy dog and visits with boxer mix Ginger on one side and pure bred Boxer Jesse on the other side.  And, she gets to visit with all her old doggie friends at the "doggie ranch" whenever I go traveling----and that's been every month this late Summer and Fall.  Tammie, owner of the "doggie ranch" only keeps dogs she knows and who know each other.  She has a steady regular clientele, so Katy is always happy to go visit her other doggie buddies.  And----call me sentimental or silly, but I sense that Max "spirit" is with Katy somehow.  I can't explain it, I just feel it.  Like I said----go ahead and call me silly.  :)        

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